Book: Review - The Cottingley Secret

Review based on ARC (Advanced Reader's Copy received for free in exchange for an honest review).

This is one of those books that explores a historical event---in this case, one that happens to be true---from the perspective of a present day woman exploring her past and coming to terms with her life. The historical event is the photographing of fairies by Frances Griffiths and her cousin Elsie Wright in Cottingley. Starting in the early 1920s, Frances and Elsie sparked worldwide interest and debate regarding both whether fairies are real and, in any case, whether they'd in fact been photographed by the girls. This book considers the perspective of Frances in the form of a memoir read by someone (Olivia) in present time. (Exactly 100 years after Frances first saw the fairies in 1917.)

Olivia is a young woman who has just lost her grandfather and is attending his funeral in Ireland. He has left her the memoir in his passing, along with his house, his bookstore, the care of her gra…

Book: Mr B Reading Subscription - Book 2 - The Gracekeepers

Okay, for those of you who read my last Mr B post (or if you haven't yet, you can click on that link 😉), you know what this is about.

A quick re-cap...
Mr B's Book Emporium is a bookshop in Bath, England that offers, among other things, a book subscription service where a personal bibliotherapist is assigned to you and sends you books (that you've paid for) that are picked just for you based on your preferences.

My second book in my 11-month subscription came! The book was again wrapped beautifully in brown paper, sealed with the Mr. B wax, and stamped with a quote.

This month's quote: "Mr B's is a foreign country; they do this differently there..." Love it.

The book I received this month is The Gracekeepers by Kirsty Logan.

The back of the book describes the book as follows:

A flooded world.
A floating circus.
Two women in search of a home.

North lives on a circus boat with her beloved bear, keeping a secret that could capsize her life. 

Callanish lives alone…

Book: Mr B Reading Subscription - Book 1 - The Honours

I heard about this little book haven in Bath, England called Mr B's Book Emporium.

I had been to Bath, about 15 years ago, but I was not fortunate enough to have stumbled upon this gem. Nonetheless, the internet is an amazing resource, so I have been able to benefit from their existence from afar.

One of the things Mr B's offers is a subscription service. They first get information from the subscriber, then they pick a new book for the subscriber each month based on that information. They offer 3-, 6-, and 11-month subscriptions. I bought the 11-month service as a special treat to myself for having given birth.

New mothers deserve special treats! Or else I was seriously sleep-deprived and justified the special treat as deserved to myself...

I received a detailed questionnaire by email that made me feel as if they were actually going to get it right for me, elected to have spoiler emails sent (they simply ask if you have read a book by a certain author -- recommended for the vo…